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Belfast - Ballynahinch - Saintfield - Corporate - 1-2-1



To enquire about places available, please text of phone Jerry on: 0754 601 7062


ORMEAU ROAD - Ballynafeigh Methodists Church Hall - Thursday Evenings

- Ongoing beginners classes currently running each week (join anytime)

… Class 1: 7pm to 8pm

… Class 2: 8pm to 9pm

SAINTFIELD  - Saintfield Community Centre - Wednesday Evenings

- Ongoing beginners classes running each week ... 7pm to 8pm

BALLYNAHINCH - Market House - Thursday Mornings

- Ongoing beginners classes running each week ... 10am to 11am


...Get onboard with our beginners Tai Chi Classes... Book and pay £10 per class or get a discount of £24 for our £96 12 week term  package... 

Tai Chi: Fighting stress, increasing physical fitness and mental wellbeing...

Tai Chi helps reduce stress and anxiety as well as increasing flexibility and balance. 

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi has its roots in ancient Chinese tradition. It is a highly effective, enjoyable, relaxing, stress relieving activity and has multiple other health benefits.

It involves slow flowing movements which provide gentle physical exercise, gentle stretching and relaxed breathing.

Who is it for?

Tai Chi is for anyone who wishes to enjoy balanced healthy exercise that has low impact on joints and muscles. Indeed, because of its gentle methods, it is generally suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Why is it beneficial for health?

Tai Chi is always accessible as it can be practiced both indoor and outdoor, either individually or in groups, where social interaction with others can have additional positive benefits.

As a regular exercise routine, Tai Chi is linked to health benefits such as:

· Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression,

· Improvement of balance, stamina and agility,

· Improved muscle strength,

· improved sleep quality,

· lowering of blood pressure, 

· Reduction in joint pain,

Learning Tai Chi

The best way to learn Tai Chi is through attendance at a regular class and with Zest Tai Chi you can benefit from:

- Clear instructor demonstration,

- Regular sustained practice,

- Accurate learning of techniques,

- Maximisation of health benefits,

- Group support,

Medical Issues

While Tai Chi is a gentle form of physical activity, as with any physical activities, those seeking to return to fitness through exercise should consult with their doctor before enrolling on a course. For example,

· Women who are pregnant,

· Those with joint problems,

· Back pain,

· Fractures,

· Severe osteoporosis or a hernia,

· Those recovering from an operation,

Overall, Tai Chi contributes to physical and mental health if practiced regularly and improves flexibility, agility and balance.

Always Put Your Health First!

Tai Chi is good for mind, body and spirit. By regularly practicing the moves you can gain a wide range health benefits, become more agile and energetic.

Book a Class with Zest!

Our beginners  sessions will provide you with an introduction to the health benefits of Tai Chi, and teach you core movements. 

You can discover what Tai Chi involves,  and begin the journey to fitness and health through this ancient Chinese practice. 

Individual Classes are £10. Personal Tai Chi Training sessions cost £35 per hour and our 12 week package is just £96 (Save £24). 

Al sessions must be booked in advance and please contact us if you need further information. 

Weekly Fees & Block Booking

The weekly fee is £10 and can either be booked and paid online through the website or at the class. Block booking of 12 week term package enables a saving of £24. 

...If you wish to attend without booking through the web site, please text or email me in advance so I can ensure a place has been booked for you, as numbers are limited by the capacity of the hall...

Tai Chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic. It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process -  Chungliang Al Huang

About Us

Zest Tai Chi is led by Dr Jerry Prior (PhD) who has practiced and taught Tai Chi over 25 years. His specialists interests are focused on how social development, diet, nutrition and exercise affect the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals. 

He holds the deep belief that everyone can achieve more, and through the right personal coaching and development, they can reach levels beyond their expectations both in their personal lives, career or business. 

His approach to Tai Chi stems from his recognition that with a healthy mind and body we are best positioned to live the life we want and achieve all that is important to us as individuals. 


Zest Tai Chi offer classes at a variety of locations including:

- Ormeau Road Belfast - Methodist Church Hall

- Saintfield - Saintfield Community Centre

- Ballynahinch - Market House

- 1-2-1 Sessions (University Street & other venues by arrangement)

- Corporate Staff Wellbeing Sessions (by arrangement)


Monday - Friday

9am - 8pm


11am - 3pm